Who is the Student Employment Office?

The Student Employment Office is the Central Personnel Office for managing classification, compensation, polices, and employment relations for Casual/Restricted student employees on-campus. We connect students to on-campus employment opportunities which help prepare students for their future long term career goals. We assist approximately 170 on-campus departments in recruiting and filling vacant “student” positions that are generally less than 20 hours per week.

What do we do?

We started the Triton worker community where student workers received a monthly newsletter with resources, upcoming events, spotlights, employment tips, best practices, and more. Triton workers have access to the Student Employment team, Career Advisors, Career Peer Educators, Industry Professionals, and other resources in the Career Center. We strive to build an informed student employment community, to maximize student’s on-campus work experience, and to help students reach their career goals. If you are employed on-campus and need assistance, guidance, or help resolving a conflict within your current job please contact us. We are here as a resource for YOU.

We also have two off-campus work-study programs which allow students with work-study to use their award while working off-campus. The Reading & Math Tutor Program allows students to work as reading tutors with pre-K through 5th grade students and/or for family literacy. Students also work as math tutors with K through 8th grades to assist in developing or improving their math skills in schools and other nonprofit organizations. The Non-Profit Partnership Program allows students to work in the fields of health care, biological research, child care, community improvement, civic education, support services for students with disabilities, mentoring activities such as tutoring, and educational and recreational activities.

Who works at the Student Employment Office?


Check out their bios on the Career Center’s website!

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