Whether it’s your first job or your tenth, the first day of any new job can be nerve-racking, from meeting a lot of new people to figuring out what to wear. See our tips below on how to make your first day run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Most importantly, be early or on time! Leave earlier than you normally would to anticipate traffic, long lines for the campus shuttles, or treks across campus. Being punctual lets your supervisors and coworkers know you value their time. Furthermore, it will start your first day off right and leave a good impression.
  2. Go in with an open mind and be flexible. On your first day, there will be a lot of information to take in, whether it’ll be meeting new people, learning more about what your job will entail, what responsibilities you’ll be undertaking, or better understanding the department’s or company’s culture.
  3. Be extra professional. Even though you may be working on campus, your boss is your superior so treat them and speak to them with respect, not as you would with your friend or classmate. Also make sure to dress appropriately for your first day. If you did not originally ask about a dress-code, make sure to confirm with your supervisor what is and is not work appropriate. Being professional can not only set the tone for your time there, but also show your supervisor you take the job seriously.
  4. Be prepared for small talk, especially if you are not used to working in a professional setting. Nothing feels more awkward than meeting your new boss or coworkers and having nothing to say besides your name and job title. Here are some networking conversation starters if you aren’t sure where to begin.
  5. Be friendly, get to know people, and ask a lot of questions. Everyone wants to work with people they feel like they can like and trust and that starts with bring friendly and getting to know others. Furthermore, asking questions can show you are excited for your new position and eager to begin working.

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