Maya Vanini

1st Year | Marshall College | Clinical Psychology Major/ Ethnic Studies Minor


Could you tell us more about yourself?

From Fresno, California, I am the first person in my family to attend UCSD! I enjoy writing creative nonfiction and keeping up to date on current affairs and foreign politics in my free time. Back in my hometown, I worked for “The kNOw Youth Media” and continue to write for this platform today. I love it here so far.

What do you do and what makes your job unique?

I work as a student researcher for a study on the effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment on Gait Biomechanics in Parkinson’s disease. My job is to guide participants through the clinical trials weekly, explain to them the study, and assist the senior researchers if necessary. My job is unique because it is a paid research position that offers in-depth, hands-on experience to engage with participants in the clinical trial. My boss is also very considerate about my schedule as a student and flexible with my hours.

What’s your favorite part?

My favorite part is being able to conduct research as a freshman! I love what I do and I think that the clinical trial opportunities that this job entails are amazing.

How have you utilized the resources at the Career Center?

Ms. Mary Lewis at the Career Center played a huge role in helping me get to where I am today. I reached out to her when I was anxious about not being able to find a work-study position. On my behalf, she reached out to the recruiters of my top three choices. To my excitement, I got the job that I have today through her connections! I am immensely grateful for the ways in which she has impacted my freshman year of job experience.

What are your long-term career goals? Is your current position in line with them?

It is! As a clinical psychologist, I will be able to conduct research and hold clinical trials frequently. Although this position is not directly applicable to my field of study, it feeds in the direction of what I hope to be doing in the future.


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