What do we do?
We strive to build an informed student employment community, to maximize students’ on-campus work experience, and to help students reach their career goals. If you are employed on-campus and need assistance, guidance, more information, or help to resolve a conflict within your current job, please contact us. We are here as a resource for YOU!

What is the Triton Worker Community?
The Triton Worker Community is where student workers receive newsletters with resources, upcoming events, spotlights, employment tips, and the best practices for students to succeed. Triton workers have access to the Student Employment team, Career Advisors, Career Peer Educators, Industry Professionals and more.

What does your job mean?
Students are classified as Casual/Restricted employees.  As a casual/restricted appointee, you may be released at any time at the discretion of the University. The appointee must be notified in writing by the University. It’s important to be aware of your starting and end date because a casual/restricted employees will automatically terminate on the last day of your appointment (unless there is an earlier separation or formal extension of the appointment in writing).  More information about Casual/Restricted jobs can be found here.

Off-Campus Work-Study Opportunities:
We have two off-campus work-study programs for students. The Reading & Math Tutor Program allows students to work as reading tutors with T-K through 5th-grade students and/or for family literacy. Students also work as math tutors with T-K through 8th grades to assist in developing or improving their math skills in schools or other nonprofit organizations. The Non-Profit Partnership Program allows students to work in the fields of health care, biological research, child care, community improvement, and civic education, support services for students with disabilities, mentoring activities such as tutoring, and educational and recreational activities. For more information about available positions, visit Handshake to view updated job postings.

Resources for Student Workers:
The Student Employment Office connects students to on-campus employment opportunities, preparing them for their future long-term career goals. If you need any advice about finding a position or have any questions about your employment, we are here to assist you.

Resources for Departments:
We assist approximately 130 on-campus departments in recruiting and filling vacant “student” positions that are generally less than 20 hours a week. We can also help departments when they want to make changes such as promoting or reclassifying a student for different positions and facilitate department approvals for job listings.

Meet the Staff:

meet the staff pic UPDATE


As Student Employment Manager, Mary Lewis is responsible for the managing Casual/Restricted (student) Employment Program for UC San Diego, which entails providing departments with information, policy and procedure interpretation and tools to successfully recruit and hire students on-campus. This ensures our Tritons have experiential job opportunities on-campus, where they can gain valuable work experience and obtain transferable skills that will ultimately assist them in their career aspirations. Fun fact: She can play acoustic guitar, and hopes to learn to play the drums one day.

Sierra Shannon is a Student Employment Analyst, helping students find meaningful work experiences on-campus and manages the Off-Campus Non-Profit Partnership Program. Fun fact: She was an international student in Cairo, Egypt.

Kirstie Onuchic is also a Student Employment Analyst. Her main role is to provide Human Resources guidance to UCSD departments regarding recruitment and compensation for casual/restricted employees. She also manages the Off-Campus Work-Study Reading & Math Tutor Program which sends UCSD tutors to schools and community centers throughout the San Diego community. Fun fact: She’s a HUGE foodie and loves trying out new restaurants!

Fatima Razon is a third-year student at John Muir College majoring in Public Health/ Public Science-Public Policy. As a Student Assistant, she supports the Off-Campus Federal Work Study program which connects students with jobs in labs and/or outside schools. Fun fact: She works two jobs while double majoring, and plans to graduate as a junior.

Brandon Chin is a third-year student at Eleanor Roosevelt College majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Science and Medicine. As a Student Assistant, he assists with office organization, special projects, and maximizing efficiency in the office. Fun fact: He has a twin sister!

Annie Van is a first-year student at Sixth College majoring in Computer Science. As a Communications Assistant, she manages the Career Center’s social media accounts and creates the blog/newsletter for the Triton Worker community. Fun fact: She loves playing Tetris Battle.

Victor Bracco is a first-year student at Eleanor Roosevelt College majoring in Philosophy. Her job revolves around assisting Sierra and Kirstie with data entry, doing time sheets, or filing. Her favorite part of the day is when the Time Sheets are due. Fun fact: She is a huge Marvel fan!


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