UCSD’s Co-Curricular Record option can you help enhance your transcripts! A Co-Curricular Record is an official description that illustrates a student’s involvement and achievements outside the classroom. Involvements that are approved to be on a Co-Curricular Record relate to Research and Academic Life, Student and Campus Engagement, Community-based and Global Learning, and Professional and Career Development activities. Having a CCR on your transcript is beneficial because it shows your employer that you are civic-minded in your community. A CCR legitimately highlights your competencies, strengths, and experience because your involvement proposal must be validated by a staff or faculty member at the university. Include your on-campus job, leadership positions, and volunteer work through the CCR certification. Impress your recruiters by adding a CCR onto your transcript, which you can include with your resume, and stand out from your colleagues. Since UCSD is one of the first universities to promote the opportunity of having a CCR record, students with a CCR record will have the upper hand in a competitive job searching field.


The approved Co-Curricular activities could be found here. Some approved opportunities include the role of a Career Peer Educator Intern at the Career Center, working with Associated Students or Birch Aquarium, or being a Residential Assistant for your college. You could also submit requests to see if your Co-Curricular activity matches the official points. The activity request that you send in for your involvement must have a clear connection to UCSD, where you contributed meaningful work, practiced a competency attribute that’s transferable to your future career, and in which you participated at least 30 hours of work in a year. Learn more about the benefits of a Co-Curricular Record on the Engaged Learning Tools website and submit your involvements on this form for review.

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