Aiko Kumano

Lead Peer Educator @ UCSD Career Center

Mentoring and coaching students towards their career and professional development.

Fourth year | Eleanor Roosevelt College | Communications Major & Cognitive Science Minor

What would a day in your work life look like:

On a typical work day, I’ll see students with varying inquiries, whether it be resume & cover letter critique, discussing gap year(s), switching majors, the list goes on. Some days I present at outreach events for student organization and student resource centers.

Tell me about yourself (short bio):

I am a fourth year Communications Major with a Minor in Cognitive Science with an emphasis in Digital Media, Human Resources, Student Affairs & Higher Education

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love meeting students from all different walks of life and I find myself learning so much from everyone’s stories. Meeting a vast array of people is very enriching and insightful!

How has the career center helped you get to where you are today?

The Career Center has not only invested in my professional growth, but my personal development. I feel more confident in pursuing my passions and empowered in being able to make a difference in what I do. It’s also due to the Career Center that I have discovered I thrive in a collaborative and interactive environment.

Is this in line with your long-term career goals?

This position is definitely in line with my long-term career goals, as I plan to continue working in higher education and student affairs, whether that be as a career counselor or maybe even the Dean of a college.

How did you find out about your current job?

I found out about my current job through one of the Career Advisors, Roxanne Farkas. She was very monumental in my early career exploration and I am forever grateful to her.

What advice do you have for students searching for a job?

My advice for students searching for a job is to be honest with yourself. Just as important it is to think about what environment(s) you best thrive in, it is also vital to think about what work dynamic(s) you would not thrive in. With that being said, I believe it is also important to be open minded when job-searching, because you’ll never know if you like (or dislike) something until you try it.

What makes your job unique?

Being a CPEP (Career Peer Educator) is wonderfully unique in the way that your team becomes a second family. I think it can be challenging to mesh well with co-workers, but what I love about the CPEP team is everyone is genuinely friends. We come from such different spheres, yet we all share the common goal to share resources to students. I really love my CPEP family.

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