One of the many benefits of joining the UCSD Tritons Alumni community is staying connected to your colleagues. These connections can last a lifetime and prove to be beneficial as you start your career. The alumni community frequently host events for its members to unite– some include the Triton 5k run, and “Day at the Padres”. Alumni groups are divided regionally, culturally, or through staff affiliation. There are so many perks for being a UCSD alumni, relating to campus, career, entertainment resources, and more (which could be found here). Lastly, part of the reason why the alumni association is so valuable is because of all the career resources it provides. You will be able to keep your email for professional purposes, and be able to network with a supportive community of people. You could help inspire the new generation of tritons at job fairs and recruitment events. Preserve your legacy by being a part of the Alumni community after you graduate!

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