As an international student, there are a few different processes you must go through in order to obtain a job. There are a variety of on campus employment opportunities offered on campus; ranging from Research 7 Office assistants, campus recreation and HDH just to name a few.  Being able to be apart of the student employment community will give you the work experience needed to further your career goals. Benefits to gaining on campus employment include; gaining personal growth and interpersonal skills, expanding your network, gaining working experience and making extra money.The Student Employment Office is here as a resource for YOU.


* In order to work on campus, one must obtain the F-1 status. J-1 students are authorized on campus employment through sponsorship. Follow these links for more information about F-1 and J-1 employment.

Personal Growth

Having an on campus job may seem intimidating at first as an international student. In actuality, having the experience to learn and grow from others is priceless. Your experiences at work will help you enhance your communication, collaboration, and time management skills as you are exposed to new scenarios every day. While balancing school work and a job may seem overwhelming, it’s very possible to maintain and excel in both responsibilities. Furthermore, you will be surrounded by diverse colleagues while working on campus where you will learn communication and collaboration skills. Some may say they are hesitant to apply because they are shy, however college is about learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Always be working towards something better. Having a job will most definitely gain personal growth and help shape you into a responsible and prepared individual for your future endeavors.


Have you heard of the saying “it’s not about what you know, it’s about the people you meet”. Networking is about meeting others and creating connections that are both beneficial to you and the person in a professional setting. Building your network is important because a good relationship with a colleague can help you gain promotions, recommendations, or opportunities with minimal effort. Through networking, your skills are validated by others and these connections can help you gain a job or get an introduction that will change your life forever.

Extra Money

As a college student entering adulthood, having money saved up for the future is very important. Having an on campus job is a convenient way to make money on the side while going to school. From bills and payments, to paying off your tuition, being proactive about your responsibilities will help you in the long run.

Gain experience for your future career

The unique thing about college is that we all come from different backgrounds with different financial situations. Regardless, the decision to get an on campus provides valuable real life experiences that will set you up for your future career. Although it’s true that cashiering, or customer service skills are not explicitly applied to per-say a software development or novelist job, having these soft skills are appealing for employers since they highlight your work ethic and street skills.

Check out more tips on succeeding on the on campus job hunt as an international student here!


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