“Ghosting” a word usually used to describe a bad date, is shaking up the world of employment. While employers have left candidates “on read” by ignoring resumes and not calling back after interviews, the tables seem to be turning. Due to a growing job market and low unemployment, ghosting in the workplace is becoming one of the top issues employers face in today’s market. This trend is especially common in expanding industries in need of good, qualified employees. However, as more professionals enter the workforce, employers are experiencing no-shows for interviews, job offers, and even hired employees have stopped coming to work without any notice.

While one may assume there are no risks to “ghosting”, preventing a burned bridge with a short email is still worth the effort.  With an unforeseeable job market, industries who may be hiring at a large capacity now may not in the future. In other words, a moment of awkwardness can act as insurance for your future self. While disappointing someone may be a concern when declining a job or interview, “ghosting” reflects poorly on the candidate and may or may not affect your future. Up front communication is the most respectful and time saving option for all parties involved.

Here are some suggestions if you find yourself in that position:

  1. Once you’ve decided that you’re not going to accept the offer, call or email the employer and let them know right away. Respect their time and yours!
  2. Email works well, but a call seems more personal and respectful.
  3. You should give a reason for your decision, but don’t feel pressured to explain further- it can be vague.
  4. Thank them for their time!

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