The 2019 W2 is now available for view! This includes all taxable wage, salary, and bonus payments from UC San Diego dated in the previous calendar year. The U.S. tax system is based on calendar years (January 1 – December 31). At UCSD, some payments for work done in December are paid in the following calendar year. The date the payment was earned is irrelevant.

Where do I find my W2’s? (and/or other tax related questions)

    • You can find your online W-2 through At Your Service Online. If you have trouble logging into your account, contact the Central Payroll Office through ASK ticketing system.
    • If you did not choose online delivery of your W-2 through AYSO, a copy will be mailed to the permanent mailing address listed on your hiring paperwork. For any additional tax related questions and the deadline to file for 2019, refer to the IRS website.  *International Students should refer to the Glacier Office website or email


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