Succeeding in a Job

Starting a new job can be intimidating. Whether you working on or off campus part time, ready to start your new summer job, or are waiting for graduation to begin working full time navigating a new environment can be difficult. Check out our tips below for navigating a new job successfully. Mentally prepare yourself for … Continue reading Succeeding in a Job

Resumes & Cover Letters: The Basics

Looking for a new job and need help formulating a resume or cover letter? Whether you are aiming to get a job over the summer, applying early for position beginning fall quarter, looking full-time employment after graduating, or just haven’t updated your resume in a while, it’s always good to be prepared. If you have … Continue reading Resumes & Cover Letters: The Basics

Enterprise Holdings | Recruiter Advice

Christine Conde Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise Holdings | What do you think students can do to best prepare themselves for future employment?  Students should always research the companies that they are potentially interested in, and prepare a game plan for speaking with those companies at the fair. It’s great to have a good … Continue reading Enterprise Holdings | Recruiter Advice

Farshid Bazmandegan ‘16 | Alumni Spotlight

Farshid Bazmandegan '16 Promotion Specialist and Artist at The Division of Arts & Humanities | Majored in Visual Arts | Where do you work and what do you do? I am a Promotion Specialist and Artist at the Dean’s office of the Division of Arts and Humanities which supports the Dean Office’s initiatives as … Continue reading Farshid Bazmandegan ‘16 | Alumni Spotlight