Co Curricular Record

UCSD’s Co-Curricular Record option can you help enhance your transcripts! A Co-Curricular Record is an official description that illustrates a student’s involvement and achievements outside the classroom. Involvements that are approved to be on a Co-Curricular Record relate to Research and Academic Life, Student and Campus Engagement, Community-based and Global Learning, and Professional and Career … Continue reading Co Curricular Record

Resumes & Cover Letters: The Basics

Looking for a new job and need help formulating a resume or cover letter? Whether you are aiming to get a job over the summer, applying early for position beginning fall quarter, looking full-time employment after graduating, or just haven’t updated your resume in a while, it’s always good to be prepared. If you have … Continue reading Resumes & Cover Letters: The Basics

Enterprise Holdings | Recruiter Advice

Christine Conde Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise Holdings | What do you think students can do to best prepare themselves for future employment?  Students should always research the companies that they are potentially interested in, and prepare a game plan for speaking with those companies at the fair. It’s great to have a good … Continue reading Enterprise Holdings | Recruiter Advice