What is Student Employment?

What do we do? We strive to build an informed student employment community, to maximize students’ on-campus work experience, and to help students reach their career goals. If you are employed on-campus and need assistance, guidance, more information, or help to resolve a conflict within your current job, please contact us. We are here as … Continue reading What is Student Employment?

Alice Lee | Student Spotlight

Alice Lee President, Student Foundation 3rd Year | Warren College | Cognitive Science/Computer Science Major Could you tell us more about yourself? I am originally from South Korea, but I grew up mostly in the Bay Area (Cupertino). I can play 5 instruments and speak fluent Korean! In case students do not know, could you … Continue reading Alice Lee | Student Spotlight

Arts & Humanities | Department Spotlight

Laura Martin Sr. Program Manager for the Dean of Arts & Humanities | lauramartin@ucsd.edu What do you do?  Our office supports the entire Division of Arts & Humanities and the initiatives of Dean Cristina Della Coletta. Our department is very busy and dynamic, there is always something happening! I manage our Andrew W. Mellon Foundation … Continue reading Arts & Humanities | Department Spotlight

How can I use my work-study award off-campus? + WE’RE HIRING!

Many UC San Diego students receive federally funded work-study awards as part of their financial aid package.  The Career Center facilitates two work-study programs each year. These programs enable off-campus non-profit, governmental, community-based agencies and schools to hire students at a significant salary savings. The Non-Profit Partnership is federally funded by the government. These community … Continue reading How can I use my work-study award off-campus? + WE’RE HIRING!

Who is Student Employment?

Who is the Student Employment Office? The Student Employment Office is the Central Personnel Office for managing classification, compensation, polices, and employment relations for Casual/Restricted student employees on-campus. We connect students to on-campus employment opportunities which help prepare students for their future long term career goals. We assist approximately 170 on-campus departments in recruiting and … Continue reading Who is Student Employment?