In this day and age, cell phones are everywhere. Cell phones are entertaining, useful, and convenient. Once hooked onto the screen, a simple touch can connect you to anyone, anywhere or anything. While the usage of phones has become an essential part of our daily lives, it can distract you from carrying out important tasks in your job. In a professional workplace, there are certain etiquette rules you should consider when using your device in respects to others around you.

  1. Keep Your Phone Out of SightIt’s necessary to put your cell phone away when you are on the job to avoid distraction from your work. Keeping your phone out of sight makes a good impression even if you are not using it. Some ways to avoid the temptation of the mobile device is to tuck your phone away in your coat or bag, or hidden in a drawer. Checking your phone occasionally for important calls or messages is allowed when usage is minimal.
  2. Turn Off Your RingerMake sure your phone is on silent. Phone ringers are loud and embarrassing. Some ways to be notified by phone calls or texts without disturbing others around you is having your phone on vibrate or buying a smartwatch. This way, you will be able to know how many notifications you received without causing work distractions.
  3. Let Your Calls go to Voicemail
    With the option of letting voicemail collect your calls, you don’t need to pick up your phone immediately to get the message. If someone decides to leave you a voicemail, chances are the message is important. If the phone call is not urgent, you can wait and connect with them after work. 
  4. Avoid “Reading & Texting Under the Table”This refers to when people scroll through their email, social media, text- in their lap. Even though most people think they are being hidden, the people around them notice it more than you think. Using your cell phone during work compromises your productivity as an employee. Paying attention to your phone makes it seem like you are not doing your job and “sends a signal that the people in the room are not important to you” (RWEP). Instead, you should be engaged in your work at all times, and be considerate to those around you.
  5. Don’t Bring Your Cell Phone Into the Restroom
    Never share personal or confidential information on the line in the restroom because you never know who is in there listening to your conversations. Loud flushing sounds and other noises are also disrespectful to the call recipient. 
  6. Make Your Phone Calls in PrivateTaking phone calls and speaking loudly in an open space is distracting and discourteous to your coworkers. Instead, you should step out if possible or find a quiet room for personal phone calls to avoid distracting others.


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